Tu pourrais faire Jack Frost avec la palette #8 ? >///<


Thank you for asking <3

林ゆうき - 頂きの景色
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The View from the Summit, composed by Yuki Hayashi. From the bonus disc of the first Haikyuu!! BD/DVD volume.


Trailer for the film I’m working on - Big Hero 6

Salut! Pourrais-tu dessiner Toothless avec la palette 12 svp? :)


Aah Toothless, such a lovely creature yet so difficult to draw! Thank you for your request, I had fun :)

Zankyou no Terror ending animation by Takeshi Koike

Wanna play Professor Layton again

Wanna play Professor Layton again

Oreki being cutie
Vanellope avec la 4 ? (c'est Chowkarou)

Excellent palette choice for this one, dear~
Thanks for the request!

Ohhhh palette challenge! <3 MMhhh... May I ask a Bunnymund with palette 7? ouo#


This is rooouugh but I had fun. Thanks for such a cool request! o/

Episode 1-6: *hinata gets hit in the face by a volleyball* HINATA ARE YOU OK?!!!?
Episode 7-13: *hinata gets hit in the face by a volleyball* nice receive hinata